Meet Cheater

A 1929 B-Class Street Roadster, with a little '31 thrown in for good measure, kitted out for a successful run at the drag strips of Illinois and Missouri in the '50s and '60s. She was run by the Huey boys (of Huey Lumber, Arenzville Illinois) for several years, then retired to a storage building, where it spent the next fifty-odd years. All of the current paint, Dutching and door graphics are original to it's race era. Even the original full moon racing discs were still in the trunk. We did hose the dust off, but otherwise left the original details as is, as much as reasonably possible. The paint, the roll bar, the upholstery, and much of the running gear are rare examples of original patina. None of that faux-patina crap here; this is genuine wear and tear, that only comes from age. Ample power comes from a vintage 316 gasser.